Our Methodist Heritage

A Little Bit of Heritage

The history of the Methodist Church is filled with great faith, excitement, and evangelism.  There is a long history of caring for the poor and oppressed, and people with the deep desire to do whatever is necessary to share the love and good news of God with those who need it most. The lessons of Our United Methodist History are designed to help preschoolers and elementary aged children learn and celebrate the rich and vibrant history of their denomination. Perhaps, through understanding the history and passion of John Wesley and the people called Methodists, they might capture the desire to do God’s work and bring the good news to our world today!  The lessons are short and designed to work with mixed-aged children.  The activities use a minimum of supplies and include pictures of the activities to help with clarity.  

Click here to access the resources: http://www.gbod.org/site/apps/nlnet/content.aspx?c=nhLRJ2PMKsG&b=5161275&ct=11476305&notoc=1



Consider exploring our heritage through the celebration of a Love Feast: http://umportal.org/article.asp?id=8364